Thursday, May 23, 2013

Google Release Conversational Search Function


Pretty cool, Google has rolled out a new Search feature in Chrome that allows Conversational Search. What is that? And why does it matter? It is the ability to ask Google questions by voice and continue to ask related questions almost like you are having a conversation with the search engine.

Still confused, here's an ask Google "When did the Red Sox last win the World Series?" And it replies "2007". Now you can continue asking related questions like "What is their record?" & Google will know "their" refers to the Red Sox almost as though you have a conversation with the search engine, not the definition of Conversational Search but a good way to remember. 

You can even continue the conversation by asking "Who is their manager?" And when it answers "John Farrell" you then can ask "When was he born?" And Google will know the "he" refers to Farrell. 

Pretty cool if you ask me and definitely could be a game changer in the world of search.

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