Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daniel Pallie Checks Sidney Crosby to Ice GIF

Daniel Pallie Checks Sidney Crosby GIF
Daniel Pallie checks Sidney Crosby to the Ice

I know this is a bit dated but with the way Daniel Pallie has been playing over the last two games of the Stanley Cup Finals I though it was appropriate. Plus who doesn't like a GIF.

Daniel Pallie lays out the always fragile Sidney Crosby causing Crosby to land flat on his back on the ice. 

I always find GIFs fascinating and at the same time so frustrating because anytime you try to save them you almost always only end up with a still image snapshot of the entire GIF. I find it funny that with the emergence of memes GIFs are making a bit of a comeback and something that I always laugh at when they are clever.
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