Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Favorite Mob Boss Dead at 51 in Italy

The most famous mob boss since the days of #JohnGotti, Tony Soprano (actor #JamesGandolfini) has dead at the young age of 51 in #Italy (ironic huh?).

With the hey day of the #mob long gone most people now think of Tony Soprano as the iconic #mobboss. For the time The Sopranos was definitely the #bestshow on #television. 

Although the series was often very frustrating many plot lines that never amounted to nothing but a tease (ex. The time when the Russian mobster was chased in the woods while #ChristopherMaltasanti fires gun shots at him). The Sopranos was still a great show.

Tony Soprano even became a bit of a #fashiontrendsetter in the late 90's to the early 2000's when he single handily brought back %leatherjackets and I know I owned one at the time. 

Not only was #TonySoprano a great character probably one of the best all time but The Sopranos were mainstream. The show was great on #Sunday b/c it gave you something to look forward to Sunday night when typically all you think about is work and it gave you incredible water cooler talk on #Monday.

The more I think about #TheSopranos the more I realize/remember that The #Sopranos started the premium #movie channels carrying their own TV shows. This brought channels like #HBO, #Showtime, #Cinemax many more customers at a time when membership was declining year over year. It also resulted in some of the best TV shows of the last decade like #GameOfThrones #sexandthecity and many more
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